Wow! I’ve got to say, what an absolute cracking gig from The Typhoons on the night of Friday 13th! Everyone was in high spirits and loving the music, especially the dog that was howling all the way through their superb set! The band played a mix of Blues, Rock and Punk covers that was so infectious that you couldn’t help but dance! Even the amazing Geoffrey showed off his smooth moves on the dancefloor! Great night indeed! 12219590_976267745729881_1980568785195205617_n 12227154_976267679063221_6109460246056722670_n 12234941_976267752396547_6557140454222384860_n 12239971_976267819063207_6312483554924565527_n 12241191_976267815729874_2216588453871055196_n 12241666_976267739063215_5547879331389358614_n 12243009_976267769063212_2462302231093448035_n 12250109_976267689063220_6722264158377414590_n