Lewis Hamilton (l) and Tom Killner (r).

Lewis Hamilton (lefl) and Tom Killner

We were lucky enough to catch two excellent blues rock bands at Suddaby’s last Friday. The Lewis Hamilton Band and the Tom Killner Band are both trios led by young guitarists who are rising names on the blues circuit. The Tom Killner Band are Rotherham-based and the Lewis Hamilton Band have recently moved to the Malton area, so it was an extra pleasure to welcome them to their first gig at our favourite local. Suddaby’s fortunately managed to snag the date on the bands’ UK tour owing to a last minute cancellation. Both played soulful, energetic sets — and the pub’s own Declan Suddaby sat in, trading fours with Lewis Hamilton on ‘Red House’. All in all an impressive showing, and we’d love to hear more from both bands. It’s to be hoped that the Lewis Hamilton Band will appear again at Suddaby’s soon.