Hi everyone

Just thought that I should report the incredible success of the charity event that took place on Friday 25th March for research into rare Cancer, and the incredible night had by the people that attended the event. My band The Public House Delegates kicked off the event, playing some loud and proud Hard Rock music before the charity auction, which featured some fantastic items, including a signed picture from British actor Kate Beckinsale, pictures of famous Rock starts such as Slash from Guns N’ Roses and Lemmy from Motorhead, and 2 tickets for the musical – American Idiot – based on the album of the same name by Green Day. A particular favourite item of mine was the picture of Bruce Springsteen as I am a huge fan of his work. After the auction Cherry Suede got up to play an absolutely blinding set. They are in the midst of a UK tour at the moment and I would strongly recommend that you go and see them if you haven’t already as they are a fantastic band. The night, like many at Suddabys, was a lot of fun with a vibrant vibe in the room. People were dancing, people were drinking, and most importantly, people were having a lot of fun, which is what we always want to encourage at Suddabys. Cherry Suede kicked off their set with ‘Cuts Like A Knife’ by Bryan Adams, which is a huge favourite of mine (good job guys). After that they just had the crowd in the palm of their hands with great covers and original songs. A raffle took place towards the end of the night, with people winning items like a laptop, a bottle of wine, whiskey and much more. The band ended the night with an encore of Bruce Springsteen, which was absolutely fitting for me and the rest of the audience that was there that night. Like I said earlier, the event was a phenomenal success raising £2,200, an absolutely brilliant achievement after such an enjoyable night. A huge credit must go to Jude Bumby who organised the whole event, and my parents who offered to hold the event at Suddabys. It was an absolutely great night and hopefully all the money that was made from it will go into finding a cure for rare Cancer.