On Friday 29th January, Cherry Suede played their first ever performance at Suddabys. The place was absolutely packed and people were very cheerful and drunk, which set the tone nicely for the band to begin their performance. Cherry Suede did an absolutely cracking job, playing fantastic covers of songs by Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart and The Eagles, as well as one of their own songs, which was great. The energy of the venue started to heat up during the middle of the set when the locals started to dance, particularly during ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles and ‘House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals. There was a short interval for a raffle to take place, which was to raise money for me to do a Masters degree at Leeds College Of Music. The band ended the night perfectly with ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ by Bon Jovi (I was so tempted to do air guitar during the mind-blowing guitar solo) and ‘Here Come The Sun’ by The Beatles. I must say it is one of the best nights I have had in a long time. Being a music devotee, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the live entertainment and the company I was with at

Suddabys. I am also very grateful to all the people that took part in the raffle to help me raise money for my degree. Thank you to you all. I had an absolutely great night! Here’s to the next one!