Wow! I must say, this is one of the best open mic night’s we have had so far! There was a wide array of musicians and bands playing an eclectic range of styles from Folk to Blues! To kick of the night I played a few original songs of my own before inviting the great Dodgy Jim, aka Jim Clarke, to the stage! He tore through the Blues with his incredible harmonica playing while Bass legend Aaron Thurlow and myself backed him up! Dodgy Jim and myself gave up the stage for Jade Boothe-Malone and Aaron to sing and play some very beautiful acoustic music full of harmonies (I am a sucker for harmonies it must be said).

Throughout the night I thought that I would be able to sit back and watch all the amazing music, but as soon as I knew it I was summoned back to the stage and I accompanied many of the musicians that were playing, not that I was bothered as I absolutely adore performing! Bassist Kit and myself jammed on some raw, kicking Rock N’ Roll and Blues! Pianist Jeff Smith came on the stage next to showcase some of his incredible and creative songwriting.

It was at this point that the atmosphere changed from a laid-back feel to something more energetic and a lot of it had to do with the humour of Jeff’s lyrics, which got the crowd howling with laugher! It set up the vibe of the room nicely in time for Jim to return to the stage again with singer Tanya Knights to play some wonderful Folksy renditions of iconic songs such as House Of The Rising Sun – a crowd favourite, and Summertime.

For those that don’t know this, there was also a party going on in the bar and the conservatory of the pub, while the open mic night was going on in the garage. After a few alcoholic beverages, quite a few of the customers came through into the garage to groove to the incredible music that was being played throughout the night! Jade and her mother Lynette sang some very beautiful songs while this was going on before singer-songwriter Joe Wing rounded the night off by playing a mix of originals and covers, which created a great climax and rounded off the night brilliantly.

Like I said, it is one of the most enjoyable open mic nights we have had and the audience was absolutely fantastic! There was a real electric vibe going on last night and it was incredible! Just a heads up, the next open mic night will be on the first Saturday of February, NOT January, to let you all recover from the hangovers that come with celebrating new year’s eve! A huge thank you must go to the musicians that played who were incredible! I really hope you all keep coming to play as it means so much to me that we build a healthy music scene around Malton and, also it’s a superb opportunity for performers to establish themselves!

Cheers from Dec Suddaby!