The Lewis Hamilton Band had been discussing the idea of a blues jam session with Suddabys for quite some time after many amazing gigs here playing killer Blues Rock music. The band features Lewis Hamilton on lead guitar/vocals, Nick Hamilton on bass and Ben O’Reilly on drums. As well as Suddabys they have toured everywhere from Shetland to Poland, playing some of the biggest Blues Festivals along the way, such as headline slots at Hebden Bridge and Maryport. When the subject of holding a session came up we immediately embraced it with open arms and yesterday the band held their first one here. The turnout for the event was great and the atmosphere around the main room of the bar was electric. The band kicked off the night in perfect style before other musicians/bands were asked to play some songs. There was some absolutely amazing acts that played, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

The first act to get up after The Lewis Hamilton Band was a duo called Jim and Lisa Kilcar who played a haunting set of acoustic blues. This was followed by Josie Hick and Ben O’Reilly who played incredible renditions of songs by Dusty Springfield and The Beatles. This writer also played a bit of an acoustic set with master harmonica player Dodgy Jim (aka Jim Clarke) and bassist Aaron Thurlow. One thing that was significant in my mind about last night was that so many people felt and got involved with the music. There was a unity about the event as different musicians played together, instead of just separate acts playing their sets. For example, bassist Matty Joseph got up to play a rendition of a Beatles song with Ben and Josie, while guitarist Nick Thompson and bassist Kit Bull got up to play some Blues and Rock N’ Roll covers with The Lewis Hamilton Band. Even people watching got involved, singing and clapping along with the songs, as musicians encouraged them to do so.

The night ended in typical Suddabys fashion with a lot of people dancing and enjoying themselves as all the musicians got up together to play a few last songs. The night was a huge success and a second date for the event has already been discussed. We’re thinking of holding the Blues Jam Sessions every two weeks on a Sunday night at 9pm. So if any musicians reading this blog want to come down, you are more than welcome here. Great night, here’s to the next one!

Dec Suddaby

LH Open Mic.pngjim-and-lisa-kilcarben-and-josiesuddaby-blues-night

Hi everyone

Just thought that I should report the incredible success of the charity event that took place on Friday 25th March for research into rare Cancer, and the incredible night had by the people that attended the event. My band The Public House Delegates kicked off the event, playing some loud and proud Hard Rock music before the charity auction, which featured some fantastic items, including a signed picture from British actor Kate Beckinsale, pictures of famous Rock starts such as Slash from Guns N’ Roses and Lemmy from Motorhead, and 2 tickets for the musical – American Idiot – based on the album of the same name by Green Day. A particular favourite item of mine was the picture of Bruce Springsteen as I am a huge fan of his work. After the auction Cherry Suede got up to play an absolutely blinding set. They are in the midst of a UK tour at the moment and I would strongly recommend that you go and see them if you haven’t already as they are a fantastic band. The night, like many at Suddabys, was a lot of fun with a vibrant vibe in the room. People were dancing, people were drinking, and most importantly, people were having a lot of fun, which is what we always want to encourage at Suddabys. Cherry Suede kicked off their set with ‘Cuts Like A Knife’ by Bryan Adams, which is a huge favourite of mine (good job guys). After that they just had the crowd in the palm of their hands with great covers and original songs. A raffle took place towards the end of the night, with people winning items like a laptop, a bottle of wine, whiskey and much more. The band ended the night with an encore of Bruce Springsteen, which was absolutely fitting for me and the rest of the audience that was there that night. Like I said earlier, the event was a phenomenal success raising £2,200, an absolutely brilliant achievement after such an enjoyable night. A huge credit must go to Jude Bumby who organised the whole event, and my parents who offered to hold the event at Suddabys. It was an absolutely great night and hopefully all the money that was made from it will go into finding a cure for rare Cancer.

On Friday 29th January, Cherry Suede played their first ever performance at Suddabys. The place was absolutely packed and people were very cheerful and drunk, which set the tone nicely for the band to begin their performance. Cherry Suede did an absolutely cracking job, playing fantastic covers of songs by Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart and The Eagles, as well as one of their own songs, which was great. The energy of the venue started to heat up during the middle of the set when the locals started to dance, particularly during ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles and ‘House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals. There was a short interval for a raffle to take place, which was to raise money for me to do a Masters degree at Leeds College Of Music. The band ended the night perfectly with ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ by Bon Jovi (I was so tempted to do air guitar during the mind-blowing guitar solo) and ‘Here Come The Sun’ by The Beatles. I must say it is one of the best nights I have had in a long time. Being a music devotee, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the live entertainment and the company I was with at

Suddabys. I am also very grateful to all the people that took part in the raffle to help me raise money for my degree. Thank you to you all. I had an absolutely great night! Here’s to the next one!

Wow! I must say, this is one of the best open mic night’s we have had so far! There was a wide array of musicians and bands playing an eclectic range of styles from Folk to Blues! To kick of the night I played a few original songs of my own before inviting the great Dodgy Jim, aka Jim Clarke, to the stage! He tore through the Blues with his incredible harmonica playing while Bass legend Aaron Thurlow and myself backed him up! Dodgy Jim and myself gave up the stage for Jade Boothe-Malone and Aaron to sing and play some very beautiful acoustic music full of harmonies (I am a sucker for harmonies it must be said).

Throughout the night I thought that I would be able to sit back and watch all the amazing music, but as soon as I knew it I was summoned back to the stage and I accompanied many of the musicians that were playing, not that I was bothered as I absolutely adore performing! Bassist Kit and myself jammed on some raw, kicking Rock N’ Roll and Blues! Pianist Jeff Smith came on the stage next to showcase some of his incredible and creative songwriting.

It was at this point that the atmosphere changed from a laid-back feel to something more energetic and a lot of it had to do with the humour of Jeff’s lyrics, which got the crowd howling with laugher! It set up the vibe of the room nicely in time for Jim to return to the stage again with singer Tanya Knights to play some wonderful Folksy renditions of iconic songs such as House Of The Rising Sun – a crowd favourite, and Summertime.

For those that don’t know this, there was also a party going on in the bar and the conservatory of the pub, while the open mic night was going on in the garage. After a few alcoholic beverages, quite a few of the customers came through into the garage to groove to the incredible music that was being played throughout the night! Jade and her mother Lynette sang some very beautiful songs while this was going on before singer-songwriter Joe Wing rounded the night off by playing a mix of originals and covers, which created a great climax and rounded off the night brilliantly.

Like I said, it is one of the most enjoyable open mic nights we have had and the audience was absolutely fantastic! There was a real electric vibe going on last night and it was incredible! Just a heads up, the next open mic night will be on the first Saturday of February, NOT January, to let you all recover from the hangovers that come with celebrating new year’s eve! A huge thank you must go to the musicians that played who were incredible! I really hope you all keep coming to play as it means so much to me that we build a healthy music scene around Malton and, also it’s a superb opportunity for performers to establish themselves!

Cheers from Dec Suddaby!

Wow! I’ve got to say, what an absolute cracking gig from The Typhoons on the night of Friday 13th! Everyone was in high spirits and loving the music, especially the dog that was howling all the way through their superb set! The band played a mix of Blues, Rock and Punk covers that was so infectious that you couldn’t help but dance! Even the amazing Geoffrey showed off his smooth moves on the dancefloor! Great night indeed! 12219590_976267745729881_1980568785195205617_n 12227154_976267679063221_6109460246056722670_n 12234941_976267752396547_6557140454222384860_n 12239971_976267819063207_6312483554924565527_n 12241191_976267815729874_2216588453871055196_n 12241666_976267739063215_5547879331389358614_n 12243009_976267769063212_2462302231093448035_n 12250109_976267689063220_6722264158377414590_n

Freaky decorations, horrifying costumes and some scarily loud music from The Public House Delegates. This Halloween at Suddabys was a very spooky one indeed! PHD Halloween

11th October was the day of Suddabys Annual BBQ this year and what a great day it was! Fantastic food, brilliant drinks and good company, everyone was very jolly and the vibe of the whole day was excellent! Here’s to the next one, keep your eyes peedled! BBQ Malcolm

On 3rd October, we had our second open mic night at Suddabys and it was a great success, with an eclectic range of acts playing sets throughout the night. All the acts that played seemed to have a great time playing and the response from the audience was very enthusiastic. Overall, the atmosphere was very chilled but positive. It was a fantastic night!

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11993286_947824615240861_1349363057515260097_n11259800_947824625240860_2049972457245716115_n11259800_947824625240860_2049972457245716115_nAlex Varey

The atmosphere at Suddabys Crown Hotel was thriving on Friday 11th September, with customers enjoying the latest brands of beer, cider and even gins, on the bar while listening to intimate acoustic music provided by Alexander Varey and support act, Dec Suddaby. A raffle took place on the night as part of a fundraiser event to raise money for Alexander to get into the prestigious Guilford School of Acting, and he raised £101 on the night.

First Saturday of every month beginning September 5. Come along to our open mic. All welcome!